Live more beautifully

Working from home instead of an office, homeschooling instead of a classroom, home workout instead of a gym: currently we spend a lot of time at home. Products from Evonik provide color and a feel-good atmosphere within our own four walls.

More carefree living

Kitchens are subject to demanding everyday use, and the wear and tear eventually becomes visible over the long term. For example, greasy fingers leave stubborn spots on the handles of fittings and faucets, and coatings wear off over time. That can be annoying, because for many households a replacement kitchen is a big investment. The crosslinkers VESTANAT® EP-M and EP-E help to avoid these unwanted signs of wear and tear. They make coatings more resistant to scratches, chemicals, and fading due to light. Parquet floors also benefit from high-quality coatings containing VESTANAT® EP-M and EP-E, which prevent unsightly tracks on the floor as well as scratches and discoloration.

Lasting protection

Rustic wooden furniture radiates durability, whether it’s a do-it-yourself creation or it comes from a furniture store. To keep their surfaces in good shape as long as possible, tables and chairs need a wood coating. Evonik products provide wood coatings with specific characteristics. TEGO® brand glide additives give wood coatings an outstanding feel and improve their flow properties. Evonik products also add to the beauty of wood: NANOCRYL® protects it from scratches, and the silica ACEMATT® creates a matte finish.

Painting evenly

When you’re painting a house or interior walls, the main success factors are careful application and, above all, the quality of the paint—and that requires high-quality ingredients. When colored paint is formulated, each “ingredient” has its own special function. Solvents keep the paint fluid, pigments give it the desired color, and binders ensure that the paint adheres firmly to the wall. In addition, many different additives are used to fulfill a variety of functions. For example, TEGO® brand antifoam agents prevent the paint from foaming while it’s being applied, and dispersing additives from Evonik ensure that the color is evenly distributed. After the paint has dried, it has to stand up to new challenges. For instance, conspicuous shiny spots can appear if a suitcase bumps against a wall. SPHERILEX® silica particles prevent this undesired effect. These particles prevent the paint from being rubbed off.

Optimal frameworks

The frames of windows and doors on the exterior of buildings are exposed to changing weather conditions. The paint coating these frames is especially vulnerable, and it gradually fades after long exposure to sunlight. Polyurethane powder coatings based on VESTAGON® crosslinkers provide optimal protection for metal frames. They are resistant to UV light and prevent abrasion caused by the use of aggressive cleaning agents. Powder coatings are also especially durable. In contrast to many other types of coating, they contain absolutely no solvents that could evaporate into the air after they are applied, harming human beings and the environment.