Together! Evonik and the German Trade office fulfill corporate social responsibility!

Evonik keeps attaches great importance to practice corporate social responsibility and sustainability concepts.  This is our first time to participate in a fun educational activity on campus through the German Trade Office (GTO) in Taiwan.  Our purpose during the 40-minute class is to inspire each other to brainstorm ideas to protect the earth we live in.  It can be started from "Now".

On Nov 16, Evonik joined a one-day educational activity with German Trade Office Taipei (GTO) at the San-Wei Elementary School in Kaohsiung.  Through group activities, students understand there's no other way to preserve the environment but to better take care of the earth to sustainability.


As the official representative of the German economy in Taiwan, the GTO aimed to display the corporate social responsibilities taken by companies through practical activities.  For the first time, the GTO brought German companies into a school to carry out fun and educational activities that hopefully will set an example for other companies.  Aside from GTO’s Chief Representative and Executive Director Mr. Axel Limberg and the principal of San-Wei Elementary School Mr. Po-Chien Tzeng, Director General of Education Bureau from Kaohsiung City Government Dr. Wen-Pin Hsieh also joined on the GTO CSR Day to show their support for the CSR activities by German companies.


Evonik, as one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies, tried its best to design course content through participating this meaningful event.  We committed to continuously fulfill corporate social responsibilities.  Together! We bring good earth protection and sustainability concepts to our next generation.

For more information, feel free to visit German Trade Office (GTO) official website.