Evonik Taiwan reinforced a strong partnership with HOYU Textile Co. Ltd.

In August 2020, an Evonik delegation led by Wei Kiat Tan, president of Evonik Taiwan, paid a visit to HOYU Textile Co., Ltd. to follow up the cooperation topics raised about one year ago. HOYU has been a long-term and strategic partner of Evonik in the field of textile in Taiwan.

Ching-Ming Jwo, president of HOYU warmly welcomed the Evonik guests and shared his insights into the development of the industry. “The market attaches increasing importance to environment protection and sustainability,” said Ching-Ming. “Therefore, PA (polyamide) recycling and bio-based material will be a long-term topic in textile. Following our mid- and long-term strategies, namely ‘research & development (R&D) focus’ and ‘supply security of raw material’, HOYU has taken several actions to keep pace with the industry trend. These include the establishment of an innovation and R&D center, the development of more eco-friendly TPU processing and water-based PUD.”

Ching-Ming also introduced HOYU’s investment in a new company UC Bacon, a graphene producer, to offset the impact brought by the interruption of supply chain caused by COVID-19. In response, Wei Kiat fully agreed that “shifting of supply chain” is happening, and joint R&D would be a good approach for future cooperation.

Following their in-depth exchange on macro market, discussions on specific projects were held by two parties. Progress of joint projects were evaluated, including the product research of RT-2033, C18-22MA , VESTAMIN PACM and A95 for water-based PUD development.

“So far, business lines including Interface & Performance, Comfort & Insulation, Oil Additives, Coating Additives, Crosslinkers and Silanes have individual cooperation projects with HOYU. Some had already turned into sales in Evonik. We look forward to more close cooperation and strategic partnership with strong local partners like HOYU,” concluded Wei Kat.

About HOYU

HOYU was established in 1964 mainly to produce fabrics for functional wear, travel gear, and industrial applications. HOYU has been awarded several certificates in energy and environment management systems, greenhouse gases emission system, and recycle standard. Besides, HOYU is the first textile company successfully producing 100% recycled PET fabrics with own brand CYCLEPET.