Harald Schwager visits Taiwan

As the board member responsible for the Asia Pacific North region, Schwager recently visited Taiwan to inform himself about Evonik’s activities in Taiwan, to meet with local employees and understand local market.

Upon his arrival at the Evonik Taiwan office, Schwager introduced himself to the local employees and shared information on the year-to-date development of Evonik. He also elaborated the company strategy and explained the necessity of launching the program “Fit for Growth”. The program helps to deliver our goal of profitable growth which is at the heart of the market and investors’ expectations.

To gain a better insight into the local market, Schwager together with Dr. Claas Klasen, President of Evonik APN region visited Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, a company of the Formosa Plastics Group soon afterwards. As a leading company in Plastics, Petrochemicals, Polyester Fiber & Film and Electronic Materials, Nan Ya is Evonik’s customer as well as an important partner in the region. During the management team meeting, both parties discussed extensively on how to seize business opportunities brought by the emerging regional megatrends including 5th Generation Communication and the strong demands for functional textiles.

In the afternoon, the Taiwan management team shared the latest business development and growth opportunities in Taiwan with Schwager. Referring to the good start of 2018, Schwager said a big “Thank You” to the local team for their hard work and encouraged them to continue the good work in the future. He also reiterated his strong confidence in Taiwan market and in the APN region.

On the second day, the very condensed visit was concluded with a visit to the production of precipitated silica at EUSIL in Taoyuan and a discussion about the plant’s role for Evonik’s future development in the region.